About our Centre

Serving the French-speaking population of Truro, Colchester County and Northern Nova Scotia

The Francophone Community Centre of Truro, incorporated in 2007, was founded by a group of citizens within the region. The Centre offers educational, social and cultural activities in French for the French-speaking community in Truro, Colchester and Northern Nova Scotia, and provides a forum for the community to gather and exchange ideas.

Our goal is to create a dynamic and welcoming Community Centre, a place for people to get together to live and share the Acadian and Francophone cultures, an environment that encourages the use and development of the French language. Since our Francophone community in and around Truro is made up of people from many ethic origins, the multicultural aspect of our Centre is central to our activities and our identity.

We wish to contribute to the larger community and to the region by creating more opportunities for all ages to participate in Acadian and Francophone culture. We proudly welcome new arrivals to the region, and are pleased to help them get established in their new community.

LOGO_boite_noireThe CCFT also features a spacious room dedicated to cultural and social activities called “La Boite Noire” (The Black Box).

This room is equipped with a giant movie screen, a video-projector, and all of the necessary equipment to host a successful public show (live music, theater play, movies…). Its accomodation capacity is set to 100 standing persons, or 150 seated persons. This is also where our talented band ACA-jam performs their weekly music rehearsals, on every Wednesday afternoon!